Midwest, Plains Brace for Massive Winter Storm

Elizabeth Field

A massive winter storm has aimed itself at the central United States, threatening to unload a dangerous and potential deadly mix of sleet, snow, and ice that could affect nearly 100 million people by the time it hits the northeast.

Thousands of airlines flights have been cancelled throughout the country. Storm issue warnings were issued from New Mexico to Maine, and nearly 20% of flights to and from the United States have been cancelled. If cancellations continue to occur at this rate, records throughout the nation will be set.

While record snowfalls have been hitting the northeast for some time, the Midwest has been left relatively temperate. Forecasters are predicting anywhere between 12-16 inches of snow, prompting Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to declare a state of emergency and activate 600 members of the National Guard.

St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Kansas City will most certainly be the hardest hit by the storm, with expected drifts to hit 5-10 feet. Even warmer cities are not safe. Southern states are expected to be hit with heavy rainfall and possible tornados. City and State officials have warned all citizens to take careful precautions indoors and outdoors.

The National Weather Service has even suggested that the Green Bay Packers, playing in this weekend’s Super Bowl, delay their road trip until after Wednesday afternoon, when officials expect to have the snow cleared from most roads.

The Weather Service issued a statement saying, “Conditions will rapidly deteriorate from north to south across the region Tuesday afternoon with travel likely becoming virtually impossible at times Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning.”