Midnight Madness Rallies Chargers for Winter Sports


Christina Genovese

The University of New Haven men’s and women’s basketball teams kick off their season with the gathering of students at the Charger Gymnasium for their annual March Madness. Performances from the U.N.H. Cheer Team, U.N.H. Dance Team, 5678 Dance Team, the Elite Step Team, and Monsoon Dance Team pumped students up and helped them get excited for the winter sporting season to begin.

Last night (Nov. 2) showcased the two basketball teams and introduced all of the players for the 2016-17 year. As each of the basketball player’s names were announced, they ran through a tunnel made up of the Cheer Team and U.N.H. Dance Team. The players would wave and toss a t-shirt into crowd on the bleachers.

The Cheer Team performed first, showing their Charger spirit through their routines.

Catie Kittle, U.N.H. cheerleader, said, “We’re really excited to support the basketball team, and are ready for the season! And we are very happy to show the routines we’ve been working on.”

Next to perform was the U.N.H. Dance Team with one of their routines.

Freshman Taylor Hoyda of the dance team said, “I was nervous performing in front of everyone, but the crowd seemed to love it. We each had our own moments in the spotlight and it was really great to share this experience with my team. It was nice being able to support basketball because it’s the start of a new season for us and it was exciting to switch things up.”

U.N.H. women’s basketball invited volunteers from the audience to help them warm-up and shoot from the three-point and foul lines. They split up into two teams, each on opposite sides of the court. Then the first have of the team to complete all their shots the quickest and have their volunteers make a free throw won, incorporating the students into their sport and for students to get to know the women’s basketball team for this season.

This event was sponsored by USGA, with help from S.C.O.P.E, and organized by Assistant Director for Campus Programs, Colleen Kerrigan.

Kerrigan said, “Midnight Madness is a great opportunity for students to be introduced to our men’s and women’s basketball teams as well as see performances from our many dance teams. This year’s turnout was great and we are excited to see how the teams do this season.”

Students filled the bleachers showing lots of Charger pride for the basketball teams and all the other U.N.H. performers. The girls’ basketball team has their first home game on Friday, November 11th. The boys’ basketball team has their first home game on Wednesday, November 16th.

Come out and support!