MIC’s Fallfest Closes Homecoming Weekend

Fallfest started as a preview on the Gerber-Bixler Quad lawn with some bands from the university, and transitioned to the German Club to listen to some of New England’s touring talent.

The afternoon show was a university-sponsored event as warm-up for the evening’s performers. The event was organized by the Music Industry Club with musicians provided by Music with a Mission. Cosponsors included MOGAllize, Alpha Lambda Delta, Caribbean Student Association, Marine Bio Club, and student-run record label Purebred Records. Barbeque was provided by the students and cupcakes were distributed by Hardcore Cupcakes food truck.

Dan Mayotte, of the Music Industry Club, said that this was the first year they held the preview for Fallfest the same weekend as the homecoming game.

“After they leave the game, they can come here,” said Mayotte. “We wanted to see what it would be like, want to expand what we’ve got.”

The clubs were thrilled to have the foot traffic of homecoming spectators come through, as many wanted to get their names out there to the university’s population. MOGAllize had an educational table for LGBT representation, Alpha Lambda Delta held a hula hoop competition for candy prizes, CSA held a “Bra Pong” game in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Marine Bio had a water coin toss, and Purebred Records offered some club merchandise.

After the preview, the students headed to the German Club for the main event, Fallfest. The club was filled with students and tables with merchandise from the performers. Show headliners included Save Face, OWEL, Laura Stevenson, and Broadside.

Acts included the hard-rock beats of Save Face blasting their sound across campus to Laura Stevenson’s soft and soulful songs about emotion and struggle. Michaela Palmer and Chantal Maggett of the Music Industry Club said they were pleased.

“Fallfest is all about bringing the UNH community together for a good time, to hear music and be united,” Palmer said, “it’s a great way to end the Homecoming weekend.”