MIC Raises Money For the Emergency Scholarship Fund

Karina Krul

Saturday April 2, in the German Club, the Music Industry Club hosted a benefit concert with the headliner This Wild Life, as well as the bands Brick + Mortar, Second Story, and Mandals. Doors opened at 7:30 p.m. and bands started playing about half an hour later. The German Club was filled with various tables set up selling food and band merchandise.
Tickets were $5 dollars for University Of New Haven students and $10 for any outside guests; all proceeds went to the Emergency Scholarship fund to help current UNH students.

Second Story was the second band to play throughout the night (Photo by Samantha Reposa/Charger Bulletin photo)
Second Story was the second band to play throughout the night (Photo by Samantha Reposa/Charger Bulletin photo)

“It is important to donate to the fund because without it, many brilliant minds will be unable to complete their degree and in turn, may struggle to find a job,” said the members of the Music Industry Club.

Freshman Swaz Mohd agreed, saying, “I personally went for the scholarship fund, my support may have only been a small portion, but every little bit helps. It’s definitely expensive to go to college, and the cost of going is steadily increasing too. I think it’s great to start funds this way, it’s a win-win.”

The concert, aside from raising money for a great cause, gave UNH students important hands-on experience.

“As one of the stagehands and sound guys, the show went pretty wonderfully,” said Will Turner, an event staff member. “This was the biggest show that MIC has put on in years, and This Wild Life had some new gear that we weren’t experienced with, so everyone was a bit nervous at first.”

The event allowed UNH students to enjoy great music while having fun and gaining valuable experience in their field.

Turner also shared his favorite memory from the night.

“My favorite bit was when Anthony from This Wild Life got behind the kit toward the end of their second to last song and there was no kick drum pedal! Somehow it got looked over when they were getting ready, but thankfully, we got it taken care of quickly.”

The show provided music majors with memorable experiences that would not have been possible anywhere else.

It also gave local bands exposure and a chance to play for a larger crowd and gain more of a fan base. Mandals opened the show followed by Second Story, two local bands whose members actually include multiple UNH students.

Overall, the night was a huge success. UNH students joined together to listen to great music and support an even greater cause.

Freshman Nicole Manall described her experience at the concert.

“It was a great way to spend my Saturday night, as well as spend time with my friends and the rest of the UNH community,” she said.

Freshman Erin Ambrosio agreed. “I had a great time at the concert; the bands were awesome!”