Mew Haven Offers Study Package to Students


Photo Courtesy of The Charger Bulletin

Erin Stevenin, Contributing Writer

With midterms quickly approaching, many students are studying, and stressing non stop. Midterms and finals are two of the most stressful times of the semester. Although the college offers many activities to help relax and destress, something much more exciting is happening this semester. You can spend your day studying with cats!

Mew Haven, a local cat cafe, has added another new option to their reservations. From now until March 15, they are offering all day study sessions with their cats. This package deal is available Tuesdays through Fridays, and includes unlimited free refills of hot coffee. This offer is only available for college students, so don’t forget to bring your student ID. It costs $28 and allows  students access to the cafe for the entire day (10am-7pm). This is a great deal, considering the typical study sessions they offer are only 3 hours long and cost $25.52.

Cats are great at comforting people and being adorable. Also, cats talk a lot less than human friends, so studying with them is less distracting. Much like how the campus enjoys therapy dogs during stressful times, the cats will be there to pet and provide support. Elise Girard, a sophomore majoring in forensic science, enjoys having cats like her w+own, Luna, as emotional support.

“Luna is great company when I’m stressed or upset. She just sits next to me quietly. She’s not judgmental or concerned. She just sits and it helps me relax” said Girard.” Cats tend to be more mellow than dogs. So although the therapy dogs are fun, cats are better study companions”.

Another reason students should take advantage of this opportunity, is that they will have a better chance at learning the material. Studying when stressed out can cause a lack of focus and can lead to forgetting the material quickly. Jessica Enos, a sophomore majoring in forensic science, is quite familiar with the support that cats can provide. She has a cat of her own and enjoys the company they provide.  

“[Cats] help calm you, so studying around cats is a great way to help you relax and better absorb the information” said Enos.

Often, students want all the help they can get. If studying with a cat can help you understand and remember content, it’s worth a try!

Mew Haven works with a local shelter to hand pick which cats they bring in. The Animal Haven chooses cats that they think will be best fit for this lifestyle. The cats are all sociable towards people and other cats. Many of them are young, including some that are still kittens. These cats are all available for adoption if you are interested.