Messages to those affected by Breast Cancer

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Save-A-Breast Messages

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To my neighbor that passed of breast cancer 11 years ago …you are missed

-Gabby Nowicki


Paula Himmelson:

I’m so proud of you for staying strong. I love you

-Bri Folkl


I’m so proud of my mom’s best friend for being so strong for so long. She was pronounced cancer-free 2 years ago!



For my Nanny and aunt Julie overcoming breast cancer and being 2 of the strongest women I know




For my mom’s friend Liz Cappel-

Stay positive and keep fighting like you have for over 10 years


Ben Atwater


Stay Strong! Keep Fighting!


Thank you for being so strong


You are stronger than most!


Keep fighting girls!! You are strong


You’re a figure of strength to all who are blessed with your friendship. Don’t give up!


Just believe. You can conquer anything life throws at you.


Keep fighting and keep hope!! You are all strong and all survivors!


Women and men who suffer from or have survived breast cancer, you are my inspiration and warriors. Stay strong and fight hard. Grandma you are a two time survivor whom I love with all my heart. Save the boobies always!


Keep Smiling


Keep your chin up!


To Sara F:

Live life to the fullest

From Tony


You are stronger than you think and you will get through this!


Thinking of you this month and every other one. Stay strong and fight on!


We will never stop walking for a cure! Stay strong and keep up hope!


You are stronger than you think!


Stay strong! We will never stop looking for a cure!


Stay strong and keep on fightin’! –Michelle Dudo


You are beautiful and strong. Always keep fighing!


Mom you are so strong

Love, Maddie


Stay strong


You are strong! You can make it through this. You are never alone


You’re always in our prayers –Brothers at Sigma Chi


Stay Strong!


Hope you feel better! Kick cancer’s butt! Fight hard and persevere!-Danielle Muliero


You’re strong and beautiful! Keep fighting and smiling! –Brianna


I would like to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. You will overcome this, don’t worry and have faith –A Friend


Hang in there! We are almost done! Stay strong, beautiful.


Stay strong! You’re someone’s hero!


You rock! Keep fighting!


You are bigger than your struggle. Remain optimistic and carry joy and love in your heart. You’re never alone!


You will get through this – A fellow breast cancer fighter


Stay strong Melissa Doherty –Anelia


Continue to be strong and pray. God is with you every step of the way. – Dev


God bless you. Trust in the Lord, and give him your burdens that everything will be alright. –Danielle C.


Don’t give up the fight, you will win!


Stay Strong! Don’t give up the fight!


Never stop the fight!-Robin


You’ll always have support from your family, don’t forget!


Stay strong and fight on!


To all the young victims of breast cancer, keep your heads high because God has a better plan for you. There’s always a good reason for everything in God’s eyes.


Don’t lose faith, you are strong and can kick cancer’s but. Don’t forget that you are beautiful inside and out. Stay strong!


Don’t doubt the strength you have. You have a million people supporting you each day. We look up to you because of the fight you have inside. You’re our hero.


You are beautiful and strong. Omega Phi Beta sorority incorporated supports you and cares!!!


You will survive my sister! You are a survivor!! Love, Briana Young


You can overcome this! Stay positive


Stay strong and keep fighting


You can do it! Breast cancer is only for the strong. That’s you!


Keep your strength and keep positive. You are so much stronger than you think! Get well soon.


You are all strong. Keep fighting. God will help you the rest of the way.


Stay strong and have strength. You’re going to make it out of this and be a beautiful person for it!!!


Stay strong. We believe in you. Never stop fighting. You can beat this


Keep fighting. You have all the support, you can do it! –Lina and Kirstyn


My aunts and grandma have breast cancer. They are the strongest people I know. So are you. Keep fighting! Stay beautiful. –Emily


It all gets better! –Josh


Stay strong! Keep fighting and I believe in you!


Keep fighting! Stay strong and know that you’re all loved. –Michelle


My great grandma was affected by breast cancer and survived! You are strong and can do this for yourself and future generations! –Victoria Sanborn xoxo


Stay strong! You are beautiful!


You are strong and you are beautiful! Keep the faith and hope; you can beat this.


Breast-Cancer-Ribbon 2

You are strong. You are brave. You are beautiful. You will make it.


To all those affected by Breast Cancer, you are incredibly strong people! Keep fighting, and never loose hope.


Do not give up the fight! You are a beautiful individual and are strong. Stay strong and everything will be all right. J


Stay strong. This is a battle you will win.


I hope things get better, you have my support.


You are stronger than you believe and more amazing than you will ever know.


Keep on fighting. Be thankful for the little things in life. You’ve got this! I’ve got faith in you that you will do great.


Yes, you are being faced with a difficult situation. But you are strong, you are beautiful, you are amazing, you are strong and you will win.


You are incredible! Love yourself.


You’re so strong. I believe in you and I hope everything you’ve been through makes you realize you’re even more beautiful and will make it.


To all breast cancer survivors, you are some of the strongest people on earth and we respect you more than words could ever even begin to explain. You’re never alone in your battles.

– Casey and Alex