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Message in a Ballad: What Music Taste Says About Compatibility

Glenn Rohrbacker

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Music is an important part of so many people’s lives. Whether it be country, jazz, blues, rock, hip-hip, or pop, everybody has found their favorite type of music and it is safe to say it has helped to shape the person you are today. So wouldn’t it only make sense for it to help you find someone who fits you well? Have you ever met someone and started talking about music? When you find that they like all the same artists you do, the feeling is indescribable. It’s a where-have-you-been-all-my-life? moment. And there’s reason behind this. Peter Rentfrow and Samuel Gosling, of the University of Cambridge and University of Texas, conducted a study to find the importance of music within relationships. They found that people use music preferences to express information about themselves. Music preferences were directly related to the targets’ personalities.

Because music is directly related to our personalities, it is something that will remain constant throughout our lives. Sharing the same taste in music with someone is beneficial because you will always share your love for the same genre. You can enjoy concerts together and suggest new songs or artists to one another. It can bring you closer together. It will be something you can always agree on. You may disagree, but your favorite bands and artists can be something you will always share. Finding new songs to listen to together can bring you closer, and who doesn’t want that? Music is an important part of road trips, long or short. You won’t have to worry about car rides because you know you can trust the other person with the aux cord. You can jam out together to countless songs you both enjoy.

Music becomes memories, and when you can link a certain song to a memory with a significant other, it becomes that much more special. It can also help with buying gifts. Concert tickets, albums, t-shirts, posters of favorite bands or artists are all easy gifts that you can appreciate as well. Music is such a big part of life and to be able to share it with another person makes it much more meaningful than if you kept it to yourself. When meeting someone new, make sure you ask them what they listen to, because it can tell you so much about who they are and how well you will get along in the future.


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Message in a Ballad: What Music Taste Says About Compatibility