Men’s Basketball welcome back event

Alyssa MacKinnon

The University of New Haven’s Men’s Basketball team faced off against Southern New Hampshire University Thursday, Jan. 29.

Men’s Basketball welcome back event, Jan. 29 (Photo by Alyssa Mackinnon /Charger Bulletin Photo)
Men’s Basketball welcome back event, Jan. 29 (Photo by Alyssa Mackinnon /Charger Bulletin Photo)

Students like Jasmine Gonzalez, Vanessa Olmeda, and Melissa Williams crowded the stands to cheer on Jamal Mosley (#5) and wish him a happy 21st birthday. Jasmin Crowell, another student in the crowd said, “I enjoy watching live sports.”

Kristen Wexler, a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma, said she enjoys basketball and hasn’t been to a game in a while.

A few students said the free tee shirts were a good motivator to make the walk to North in the cold. Many of the students in attendance were there for their first game at the University, like Chase Knepper and Cheyenna Chesnut. Tyler Sirois came to the game to spend time with his friends outside the dorm environment.

A group of enthusiastic sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon and Sigma Alpha Epsilon men came out to show support for the athletic department. Elle Cantelmo, Olivia Burglund, and Kiley Pignataro of Delta Phi Epsilon came to show support for the basketball team, which doesn’t receive a lot of publicity on campus and to show that the Greeks don’t keep to themselves, as some may believe, but want to support all the student activities at UNH.

Sigma Chi came out in large numbers and rallied for each of the pep band songs keeping energy high and helping the cheerleaders by getting the crowd in the spirit.
Half time had the score at 18 to 22 and featured the UNH dance team in sleek black gold uniforms and the cheerleaders doing a series of jumps. One small fan escaped the stands and tried his hand at doing a little dance number on the floor until he was rescued by a parent.

The Greeks then had their turn on the court playing knockout against each other. Sigma Chi sent Matt Redding, Thomas Colby and Nick Dione to the floor. Chi Kappa Rho was represented by Stephanie Parrillo, Gina LaBabera and Jessica Paiva. Delta Phi Epsilon was represented by Megan Scutti and Jackie Henricks, followed by Sigma Alpha Epsilon, represented by Mark Guidetti and Anthony Mendes. Mark Guidetti took home the win, earning a free pizza for his skills.

“It was fun, a little nerve-wracking but fun,” said Guidetti.

The cheerleaders came out one last time to lead a crowd cheer as things looked tough for UNH but the game still concluded in a loss of 55 to 77.