Men’s Athlete of the Week Najae Brown- Football

Chris Schnabel

Chris Schnabel: Player of the week, how does it feel to get this honor, knowing you were awarded it because of your high level of play?

Photo Provided by Charger Athletics
Photo Provided by Charger Athletics

Najae Brown: “It feels great to receive such an honor.”

CS: That was a hard fought game and a hard fought win last Friday with the Chargers finding themselves down 7-6 at half. How did the team keep it together going in and coming out of half?

NB: “We knew that we had to keep fighting. We had to come out in the second half and make plays to win that game, and that’s what we did.”

CS: You had, what some consider, the play of the game with an interception late in the game to lock up the win. What was the feeling of getting that interception, knowing how big it was in the game?

NB: “I was excited when I caught the interception. I knew that we needed to make play to seal the win. I just happen to be in the right place at the right time.”

CS: You also had a big third and seven pass breakup that helped Assumption to a field goal instead of going for the game tying score. Did you feel you had to step up in this game knowing that the game was close?

NB: “The game was close and I felt like I had to step up and make a play if the ball was thrown my way.”

CS: The defense is really starting to step up after the week one loss. What’s going on in the locker room and at practice that turned the team around?

NB: “As a defense we all just started communicating more which made us more comfortable with each other on and off the field.”

CS: Being a freshman, do you feel added pressure to step up, especially playing a key role in defense?

NB: “I don’t feel any added pressure, I just feel like I have to go out and prove myself to the opposing team each and every week.”