Men’s Athlete of the Week: Najaae Brown – #36 Football

Chris Schnabel

Chris Schnabel: You’re back as player of the week. How does it feel to be playing so well? You have received this award multiple times.

Photo Provided by Charger Athletics
Photo Provided by Charger Athletics

Najaae Brown: “It feels great knowing I’ve been playing well because you usually don’t see a freshman playing this well. It feels great knowing that myself and the team are doing good.”

CS: You were also named the NE-10 rookie of the week. How does it feel to be exceling at such a young stage of your collegiate career?

NB: “Oh, that feels great being acknowledged by the rest of the league. This is the second time I received this so it’s great knowing they’re seeing the way I’m playing.”

CS: How hard was this last loss?

NB: “That was tough; we just have to bounce back this week because last week we let the game get away from us on the defensive part, so hopefully this week we don’t let the game get close.”

CS: Although you didn’t win the game, you really stood out. Do you feel you have hit your “high point” of the season?

NB: “Yeah I think I’ve hit my stride of the season because now I sort of know everything. I’m comfortable with everyone on the team, so now I just go out there and try to give it my all every game.”

CS: You had a very big interception in the end zone right before the end of the first half on Saturday. What did coach say to fire you guys up before that play?

NB: “He just told us we needed to stop them because we don’t want to go into half time tied up. We turned it over before they started the drive downfield so we had to stop them because they had the momentum going down there.”

CS: What are you guys doing to get ready for rival SCSU?

NB: “We’re preparing just like any other game, but it’s a little more intense in practice this week. Everybody’s flying around; everybody’s hyped, so hopefully we just go out there and win!”