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fresh 2
Name: Danielle Hernandez
Major: Graphic Design
Hometown: Bronx, New York
Why UNH?: UNH has a lot of options to offer students and is a large community on a small campus
Most excited for: Graduating with degrees and having new connections

fresh 4
Name: Fatima Fraiter
Major: Forensic Psychology
Hometown: Vernon, Conn.
Why UNH?: Based on the majors, New Haven is the best in Conn. for CJ
Most excited for: Becoming involved with community service

fresh 5
Name: Dante Gallucci
Major: Marine Biology
Hometown: East Haven, Conn.
Why UNH?: UNH was generous with financial aid, had credibility and I wanted to stay local
Most excited for: The education I was looking for and the helpful staff offers with career opportunities

fresh 1
Name: Ray Hofferman
Major: Computer Engineering
Hometown: Milford, Conn
Why UNH?: I heard good things and that it was good for my major
Most excited for: Internships and being able to work on projects

Name: Ryan Olah
Major: Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Milford, Conn
Why UNH?: Great engineering program
Most excited for: Internship and projects I will have to work on

Name: Noah MacDonald
Major: National Security
Hometown: Southington,CT
Why UNH?: It’s a really good school for what I want to do
Most excited for: Intern programs with the FBI and CIA

fresh 3
Name: Irie Tillman
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Philadelphia, Penn.
Why UNH?: Liked how it was close to the city
Most excited for: Being away from home

Name: Kristen Boc
Major: Forensic Sci.
Hometown: Delaware
Why UNH?: I liked the cool environment and it was not too big. It seemed like a good fit.
Most excited for: Meeting new people and learning new things

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Meet the First Years