Meet the Candidates

Miriam Correia

Presidential Election


James Kielar loves USGA, is a volunteer firefighter and Sergeant at Arms of the Class of 2016.  He believes the “Rules should be working for people,” and that USGA needs more involvement from other groups, such as more day programming for commuters and more involvement from veterans and international students because they are underrepresented.

Kayla Wallace is currently the President of the Panhallenic Sororities and Sergeant at Arms for USGA.  She wants people to be comfortable on campus and loves the Senator Outreach Program because she wants to bring people out and let them know that their voices count.  Kayla wants to find out why people aren’t involved and what USGA can do to get people to be involved.

Colin Weber is currently a Senator for USGA and a Chemical Engineering Major.  He serves on the Space Committee in Research & Development.  He wants every student on campus to know that they matter and wants them to have the experience of a lifetime. “It shouldn’t just be about that textbook.”


Treasurer Election

Annalisa Berardinelli is currently Assistant Treasurer under John Foti, Yearbook Editor and President of Women’s Rugby.  She says that she would simplify things as treasurer—help other organizations know what they need to know to get money or to get forms in and how to fill them out.  She says she has learned a lot about organization from Foti, so she would be able to maintain what he has taught her as well as direct someone in the Assistant Treasurer position because she has experienced it.