McGraw Dropped From Label

Shannon Livewell

If you are a country fan or even remotely know anything about the music world, then you have heard of Tim McGraw. Even if you have not heard the singer/song writer himself, you are probably familiar with the song titled, Tim McGraw, written by country music star, Taylor Swift.

Curb Records in Nashville, Tennessee has been the home of Tim McGraw and his music since his career started. The Grammy Award Winning artist signed with Curb Records in the early 1990’s and has never recorded with another label since. He has tried numerous times to leave the label, which have only resulted in court battles.

A judge in Nashville last Wednesday ruled that Tim McGraw could now sign with a new record label, or sing under his own private one, releasing himself from a contractual binding with Curb Records.

McGraw’s latest urge to leave his label was caused by his newest album, Emotional Traffic, which the singer had completed but the record label felt was not completely ready for release. McGraw felt that his music should be dictated by his thoughts and decisions on whether or not he feels it is ready to be released to the public or not.

The label filed a breech of contract suit against McGraw in May, claiming that he released his new album too soon after the release of his greatest hits collection. The label claimed that his music was not current enough and had no raw material that was good enough to make a single on the radio.

Curb Records asked for an additional album by McGraw for them, which meant he would be contracted for even longer with the company. McGraw countersued, asking for advance payment for the album, reimbursement of some recording expenses, unspecified damages, and a jury trial. McGraw also asked that Emotional Traffic be declared his final album for Curb. It was not clear whether the album would ever be released.

One thing is for sure; the label may have some issues regaining creditability, but thanks to McGraw’s fans, no matter what he decides to do regarding future albums, his fans will stick by him every step of the way.