Manny Ramirez’s Last Season in LA, Won’t be Back in 2011

Tom Chieppo

Manny appeared in the clubhouse last week for spring training and conceded the probability that this may be his last year in “Dodger Blue.”

Ramirez according to, said the following, “I won’t be here next year. I want to enjoy myself. I will see where I’m at, but I know that I will not be here.”

In essence, Ramirez will turn 38 on May 30 and enter his final year on his contract, a two-year deal for $45 million dollars. However, he spent last season serving a 50-game suspension for steroids and has struggled at the plate when he returned to baseball.

The Dodgers skipper, Joe Torre plans to rest Manny more this season. “I think we will have a regular routine day off,” said Torre. “Were talking about those game days on Sunday. We will see how much rest he needs. Probably three games every two weeks.”

The Dodgers have made the playoffs in both seasons with Manny. He’s known to carry an entire baseball team on his back during the regular season and postseason. Ramirez has played 17 seasons with 546 homers, 1788 RBI’s, 2494 hits, and 1506 runs scored. In the postseason, Ramirez has had 78 RBIs, 29 homers, 0.285 batting average, 117 hits, and an on-base percentage of .394.

Manny is a hall-of-famer, but many people would say that he violated the steroid use drug policy. Ramirez is going to get into Cooperstown, NY because he’s a great player. Can Manny be Manny? Will he actually retire or just move and play for another team? We will have to see.