Majid Jordan’s “The Space Between”


Majid Jordan, an R&B duo from Toronto, Canada, released their sophomore album titled The Space Between. The album contains thirteen songs and features artists Partynextdoor and Dvsn, who are signed to OVO Sound, as well.

The duo met at the University of Toronto in 2011. The name Majid Jordan was taken from the first name of both members, Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman. In their college years, they created music in their dorm room and Ullman’s parents’ basement. In time, they released their first EP together titled Afterhours on SoundCloud with “Good People” as their pseudonym. This duo is also popular for co-producing and featuring on Drake’s track “Hold On, We’re Going Home” off of his platinum-sold album Nothing Was the Same.

The Space Between is centered around relationships: pursuing a girl, regretting the end of a relationship, reminiscing a past love, and lust. The one song that stands out is “Phases,” which is a song more personally dedicated to Majid and his move to Toronto from Bahrain at the age of 18. He explains how he experienced a culture shock and was going through many life changes at the same time.

This album unleashes another side to Majid Jordan’s style, it’s like R&B with a twist. It is evident that they dedicated some time to including an alternative form of R&B and synthpop. Many of the instruments used in the production of this album came from a synth, which shows off the production talents the duo has. The melodies you’ll hear in each song heavily lines up underneath the vocals, leaving a ton of sound space for other sound effects, bass lines, and percussive kicks and snares.

The fourth track on this album “Body Talk,” is definitely a hit that will likely top the radio charts. The tropical beat this song contains is just flawless in terms of execution and it is also very engaging. Majid spearheads the vocals here, passionately singing to a girl he finds beautiful, telling her his intentions with her and the way he plans to treat her. The vibes in this track from start to finish make it impossible to pause or skip over because it is beyond pleasing to the ear. Not to mention, it has a catchy hook.

The second track on this album is titled “Gave Your Love Away.” What’s great about this song is it sounds similar to a song that Janet Jackson would release. The duo created a vintage R&B beat for this song, it has a huge 90’s influence especially because there is  much ad-lib in the background. The lyrics of  this song aren’t exactly moving, but the overall theme is regretting the outcome of a past relationship, with a girl who wants nothing to do with him.

The lines that give this song away are, “You said this would be the very last time I’ll be seeing you, cause you don’t even wanna talk and you don’t even wanna meet up” and “I said I love you baby and I, I gave your love away.” The lyrics get repetitive, but the point gets across successfully.

The Space Between is the perfect follow-up album for Majid Jordan. After releasing a successful first album and gaining a fanbase, this second album is perfect for keeping fans happy and gaining new ones as well. Although lyrically it is an emotional album, the production keeps things upbeat and it makes you want to keep this album on repeat. It is the perfect background music for a get together with your friends, or even better, to listen to on your next walk to class.

Listen to The Space Between on Spotify and Apple Music.