Magician Peter Boie Astonishes Audience

Courtney Faber

GO SCOPE! On Sept. 15, magician Peter Boie performed at our school and “defied reality”.  During his act, he performed tricks normally performed by other magicians, but added in his own twist.  Everyone has seen the handkerchief turning into an egg trick, so Boie showed us the illusion. In the back of the egg there is a hole where the magician secretly stuffs the handkerchief. After showing the audience this secret, Boie erased the hole and cracked the egg into a cup spilling out a real uncooked egg. At that point the audience was in complete awe. Boie continued to wow the audience with a card trick, where a volunteer picked a card, signed her name, and put it in the middle of the deck of cards. Boie then placed the deck back into the box. He told the volunteer to imagine her card becoming lighter than air and within a few minutes her card floated to the top of the box and was visible to the audience.

Boie also performed an act many have seen before; he made multiple pieces of rope become one single rope. However, he did this with an undeniable style that left the audience laughing and excited for more. Boie’s final act involved freeing himself from a straight jacket. Most people have seen an escape from a straight jacket; however Boie’s was definitely entertaining and new. While escaping he danced to music and dramatically freed himself. Throughout the night, Peter Boie continued to wow the crowd with normal illusions spun in a whole new direction. Boie’s entire performance was not only astounding but entertaining and incredibly enjoyable to witness.