Looking Back and Ahead

Isaak Kifle

Hey guys! I’m the treasurer of the Class of 2014 and just wanted to say a few things as the end of the year approaches. Classes are over and pretty soon finals will be as well. To the Class of 2014, the end of this semester marks the half-way point; it’s been two years since we started at UNH and in just another two years we will be crossing that stage and receiving our diplomas. A mix of emotions is probably running through everyone right now, and it’s important to reflect on everything that’s happened up to this point. Maybe your favorite memories are from Welcome Week, your residence hall, the clubs and organizations you’ve been a part of, or just those random moments you weren’t expecting. In any case, make sure to keep those memories with you; they will be one of the greatest things you will take with you when leaving UNH.

However, there have been setbacks and unfortunate tragedies in our journey up to this point that we have to keep in mind as well going forward. The Class of 2014 and university community has lost three individuals: Christopher Harris back in January 2011, Samuel Milano in November 2011, and Stirling Danskin in April 2012. Each of these people had a tremendous impact on everyone that knew them and will be missed by everyone. A memorial tree was dedicated on Monday, April 30, to ensure that these students, as well as every other member of the UNH community no longer with us, are never forgotten.

It is important to hold on to the friends and family that you’ve made here at UNH; they are your support in hard times and they will keep you standing when the stress accumulates to the point where you need that help to stand strong. Before you know it, we’ll be crossing that finish line and going off in different directions to make our own impact. But don’t forget to enjoy the time you have left here at UNH. These two years have been the best of my life and I’m really excited for what the next two will bring. No matter how much time you have left at UNH, whether it’s three more years or a little over a week, make it count!