Local Gigs of the Week

Ashley Winward

local gigs of the week

Toads Place
Nov. 21: Shakedown: The Dead and Beyond with Cabonated Insight and Solistic

Nov. 22: Bright Night 8

Nov. 23: Jacob Whitesides with Dylan Holland, Zach Matari, Alex Preston

The Oakdale
Nov. 21: Face the Music with Bronze Radio Return/ Jeff Pitchell a& Char & Cy Neville

Nov. 22: Dark Star Orchestra

The Space
Nov. 19: Kat Dahlia with Craig Strickland, Louis Cheese and Ian Biggs

Nov. 21: Hiss The Villain with Entandem, Writing in the Skies, and The Oddbodies

Nov. 22: Bandboozle 2014: Sparks the Rescue, The Mike and Mike Band, Five Stories Falling, Caliway, Saving Skylar, Grace Notes, Look to the Stars, The Lively, Keep it Quiet, The Worthwhile Fight and Novelty

Bar (21+)
Nov. 19: Caroline Rose with Brian Dolzani