Local Gigs of the Week

Ashley Winward

local gigs of the week

Toads Place

April 9: Barstool Hoedown

April 10: Lil’ Bibby with Wavthang and Dublin


The Space 

April 8: Picture Perfect with For the Win, Young Lincoln and Tonsil Hockey

April 10: Vindicated with A.V.B., Lonny &Aloe Yoroi, Augment, DJKB, ETA, Positive ID and The Vanguard Disaster

April 11: Sarah Barrios & Riley Lynch with Jenna Rose, The Brazen Youth, Allie Martocci and Carly Underwood

April 12: Guest House with Forget This, Dear, Dear Pines, Orders and Rare Beasts

April 13: Comeback of the Year with Wolf Gone Astray


BAR (21+) 

April 8: Landlady with Oh, Cassius! and All-caps LADD

April 15: Funky Dawgz Brass Band with MOJO


Cafe Nine (21+) 

April 8: Tal National with The Mountain Movers

April 9: Orkestar Bam with The Harris Brothers Balkan Band

April 10: MAKU Sound System with Rudenya and Fernandito Ferrer

April 11: Lipgloss Crisis presents Spring Fever Burlesque

April 12: Elm City Folk Festival

April 13: Brennen Leigh & Noel McKay

April 15: The Density Twins