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David W. Jacobsen – “Not What I Meant”

David W. Jacobsen is an independent, solo acoustic, singer/songwriter from Jersey City, New Jersey, who recently released an album of original music.

David W. Jacobsen, an independent, solo acoustic, singer/songwriter from Jersey City, New Jersey.

“The album is a collection of songs mostly centered on melodic, acoustic guitar playing with lyrics that range from poetic, to quirky, to sarcastic. A main theme is failing to communicate, and it deals with misunderstandings and their lighthearted or heartbreaking repercussions,” states Jacobsen.

After giving, “Not What I Meant,” a listen I was left curious. The songs on this album are very narrative, making the listener feel as though they are being told a story about Jacobsen’s life. The instrumentals to every song are very solid. The entire acoustic feel is very dynamic, with concrete chord progressions.

There is an aspect of folk music that adds another level of depth to this album. The song, “Suzanne,” is very quirky, telling the story of how a girl had to “unexpectedly leave the date,” that she was on. It goes on to say how the male “character,” then continues calling Suzanne to reschedule their date. It is a very satirical song, which leaves the listener intrigued to hear what comes next.

Jacobsen seems to have a trend of naming original songs after the women that have once been part of his life. The song “Jacqueline,” exemplifies a certain theme of love lost. One of the lines, “we all regret things in life, that we did not do, my biggest regrets are the words I did not say to you.” This is a line that I feel can really hit home with anyone who listens, because everyone has held in something at some point that they wish they had said. Though most of the songs are sarcastic and witty, this song is truly a love ballad that is composed of honest lyrics and a catchy melody.

Jacobsen has been writing and performing for over 15 years, and his song, “Christmas in Jersey City,” received an honor award in the Great American Song Contest. For more information on David W. Jacobsen visit his website, or listen to some songs from his latest album at

One thing is for sure, Jacobsen’s style is definitely unique, and unlike anything you have probably heard before. Listening to his quirky commentary in his songs is not only enjoyable, but also entertaining.