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Lightning Thief Strikes Short

Alex Gardner

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When you think of a Greek god, you think of someone strong, poised, and confident. You would likely expect the same characteristics of their offspring. Instead, Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) is a daydreaming, spacey high school student who is confused with why his life has the problems that it does. When he is thrust into the middle of a potential divine power struggle for being the prime suspect of stealing the mighty Zeus’s lightning bolt, he comes to realize why he is so different from the rest of his peers: he is the son of Poseidon.

In this film publicity image released by 20th Century Fox, Pierce Brosnan, left, and Brandon T. Jackson are shown in a scene from, "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief." (AP Photo/20th Century Fox, Doane Gregory)

The general plot of the story itself is somewhat uninspired – Percy is being framed for doing something he didn’t do, and he must go to great lengths to prove this, all the while trying to save his mother. As he, fellow demigod (a half-mortal, half-god) Annabeth (Alexandria Daddario) and his best friend/protector Grover (Brandon T. Jackson) set out to accomplish the goal, they are faced with a number of challenges tying into Greek mythology. These challenges include a hydra, the lotus flower, and Medusa. There are several plot issues that can be found throughout the movie that flaw the story, like how a trio of high-school aged teenagers manage to get into a casino and gamble among other things. Also, some major plot points are brought up and then never touched upon again, which is border-line frustrating.

The movie does have its pluses, however. The special effects were very well-executed, giving a very realistic feel to some of the scenes that would seem more implausible. Also, the mythological ties are very well done, and are very nicely intertwined into the 21st century. Finally, the supporting cast is very strong, with a number of recognizable faces and names, such Pierce Brosnan, Uma Thurman, and Joe Pantoliano.

Overall, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief isn’t a complete flop. While it is somewhat geared towards a younger audience, it is still enjoyable. Not a movie that necessarily everyone has to see, but not a movie you should stay away from by any means either. With a strong supporting cast and the potential storyline from the Greek mythology, the movie could have done much better, but it could have been done much worse as well.

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Lightning Thief Strikes Short