Life as a University Sponsored Off Campus Student

Gabby Nowicki

Parking Edition
As a senior, I am happy to say that I have done an adult thing and moved off campus—kind of.  I was able to grab one of the last spots for university housing and that was at Savin. I fancied the idea because it was off campus but still had university amenities. This was also the year that my car would make the 5-hour trek up from Maryland and stay with me until graduation.
Parking was free for Savin residents and you can come and go as you please. But there’s a catch. Savin, Main, and Forest residents are not allowed to drive their car to campus until after 9 p.m. or until the weekend (Friday not included).

Here is when the complaining begins. As someone who goes to campus for not just school but also work, an internship, and multiple clubs, I need to be at campus for the majority of the week. I completely understand why we are not allowed to park on campus during prime hours, considering our school is known for meager parking options. But why not allow us a chance to park at North? Is it really that crowded? From my four years at this school, I have always seen spots up at North. Maybe not Forest residents, considering they can walk, but Main and Savin residents should be given that option.

Another point to make is why must the time restriction be until 9 p.m.? Yes, I know classes go that late, but realistically, most students are done on Monday through Thursday by 6 p.m. Why not allow Main and Savin residents to park on campus after 5 p.m.? That way people who are done with classes early, but still have meetings later, don’t have to wait around all day on campus but have the option to return home.

Finally, there are Fridays.  I have no classes on Fridays, nor have I ever, but I do have my internship all day. I think that if you have a legitimate reason to be on campus, such as work, then you should not be ticketed for parking on campus. If anything, we should be able to park at North.

Taking the shuttle is not an issue, as of now. But as the year goes on, the shuttle becomes less and less reliable. I did not really have an option as to where I would be living, as stated earlier, Savin was my only option for campus housing. Especially now that I’m a senior, I do not think that is fair. Of course the commuters come first, but technically aren’t I a commuter as well?