Library resources

Samantha Higgins

sammi higgins bw

All of us know about going to the library to print our papers for classes or work with study groups before a big exam. Some students take advantage of additional services, like the CLR tutoring or the quiet study floor to get through their semester. But there tends to be two groups of students that attend the University of New Haven—students who always go to the library and utilize the library’s resources and students that never go.

The librarians know that it can be overwhelming trying to understand everything about databases and the resources that are available to them; they want students to know that they are there to point them in the best possible direction, so students should never hesitate to ask for help. The librarians are all there to teach the students how to find the resources “that they don’t know they need.”

The library has resources available of which even some of those students who frequent it most are unaware. Students have the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one research appointment by calling or emailing the librarians and then have the chance to work with a librarian and have individualized attention on how to research, what that particular assignment might require, and what skills and techniques to use acquire all the information you’re looking for.

Most students rely solely on Google when they are conducting their research for their classes, and very few students attend the library workshops where they’d have the opportunity to learn new skills.

At these workshops, students would also learn that only 20 percent of information is on Google! So databases are extremely important to a well-researched assignment. Students need databases to get through college and workshops, librarians and one-on-one appointments are only a few of the opportunities available to help learn the skills required to navigate through them.

Blackboard is also a great resource tool for students to connect with librarians at any time from their dorms, home or anywhere else on campus. Blackboard has an “ask a librarian” discussion board available to students in classes where professors have made fit.

The library has a plethora of resources available to students, so if you can’t find what you need, or if you are having a hard time, or even if you have an idea but want to make sure you are going down the right path—ask. They want you to ask. They are there to ensure that you are learning and finding all the information that you need so don’t hesitate to ensure that you are.