Liana’s Literary Commentary – Blue is for Nightmares By Laurie Faria Stolarz

Liana Teixeira

Everyone has secrets at Hillcrest Boarding School. Stacey Brown, however, has the strangest secret of all. Each night, Stacey is afraid to sleep; her recurring nightmares have her waking up in the middle of the night. But these nightmares aren’t just any kind of nightmares…they always involve her roommate Drea. Stacey has a strong feeling that something terrible is headed Drea’s way, but she has no idea how to stop it, nor can she figure out how to stop the most puzzling effect of her nightmares–the fact that she wets the bed each time she has them. 

Besides her nightmares, Stacey is different than most 16-year old girls for another reason; she’s a practicing Wiccan. She learned everything from her grandmother; this included everything from spells to potions to card interpretations. But ever since her grandmother passed, Stacey has felt more alone than ever. She must now rely on her own senses and powers, something she has been very hesitant to do in her life, especially since the last time she ignored her dreams, a little girl ended up dead. Now Stacey is faced with a similar problem, except she’s not quite sure how to handle it. 

Creepy messages, strange emails, and phone calls to Drea make Stacey more worried than ever.  When Stacey dreams of white lilies and then finds the same lilies in the girls’ bathroom, both girls realize that the stalker is closer than they think.  ut while their amateur investigations lead them nowhere, another classmate named Veronica ends up getting killed. The girls are now afraid for their lives; Drea cannot help but think that Veronica’s killer was trying to get to her.  At this time, Stacey’s dreams become more intense than ever; she knows the killer is closing in, and she still does not know who it could be. Too many suspects, all with aliases or unclear motives, are in question. Their closest friends seem to be hiding something crucial, but are reluctant to say anything.

When Drea goes missing, Stacey realizes that she must use her gift and dreams to stop Veronica’s fate from repeating itself. Stacey must suspect everyone, no matter what–even Drea’s boyfriend, Chad, for whom Stacey has fostered a passionate crush for years.

The novel truly leaves you in suspense until the very last chapter. You will be questioning every character, every sentence, every syllable, wondering if it is truth or danger lurking in the shadows for Stacey. Those who enjoy mystical fiction, magic, and mystery will adore this spellbinding novel. The suspenseful plot of the author will leave readers learning and guessing until the very end, wanting to know more beyond the final page. 

Stolarz sheds new light on the Wiccan culture, exposing its history and connections to nature.  Those unfamiliar with Wicca will learn much from this novel in addition to reading its stellar story. Luckily for Laurie Faria Stolarz fans, Stacey’s story continues weaving this magical dream-filled world through the three sequels: White is for Magic, Silver is for Secrets, and Red is for Remembrance.  Readers will be pleasantly entertained by these novels.