Let’s Hear It For Sandellas

Erin Ennis

Normally, an editorial written about food service on this campus rarely, if ever, praises. Let’s be honest, we would all rather hear a good bit of complaining then positive reinforcement. But today, I’m going to step out on a limb and praise the workers of Sandellas.

Lately, when I walk into Sandellas to order food, it is always packed. Despite the new dining areas both inside and outside, people are crowding into the small ordering area to get their nightly dose of paninis, quesadillas, and fajitas. The workers are normally very pleasant and try to move their fastest to accommodate everyone as best as possible.
Okay I tried: but I can’t get through this whole editorial without making some sort of negative comment. Yes, Sandellas workers: you are doing a good job. Truly, keep up the good work! The lines move a lot faster than they have in previous years despite having more students! But to management around campus: I do have a couple of things to say.

First, Sandellas needs more employees! I understand entirely that there aren’t enough people signed up to work across campus, particularly on the weekends, but someone needs to take the challenge. Sandellas can barely keep up its food output with just two workers, let alone attempt to take the orders of the constant swell of students. A few more employees would make service faster, keep spirits high, and keep those waiting from getting too restless.

Lastly: Sandellas REALLY needs an intercom. Can I stress this enough? No wonder students hang around the front counter and make it stuffy, crowded, and tense! You can’t hear your food order if you sit outside or in the new dining area! The employees try their hardest to keep the food and crowd moving, but when you are shouting over a general mob, it isn’t exactly easy! I was standing at the counter (feeling incredibly claustrophobic) and the girl who was saying my order was standing right in front of me: I couldn’t hear her! An intercom system, much like the one in Pandinis and Sky Ranch, would make the atmosphere in Sandellas much calmer and keep people from overcrowding the counter.

Like I said earlier, this article IS about praising the workers of Sandellas. They work really hard to get our meals out to us despite working conditions that could be a little more optimal. So next time you go into Sandellas to order your delicious barbeque bowl, or perhaps a cheese quesadilla, remember to thank the workers. They are trying as much as they can. And if you agree with me: send a message to the USGA via ChargerVoice.com! Let’s rally behind our fellow students and get them the tools they need to really serve stellar food service.