Let the Wild Rumpus Review Begin!

Stephen Acevedo

Where The Wild Things Are howled its way out of the pages and into theaters this past Friday, and after 46 years, the little boy in his wolf pajamas and the wild rumpus dance have finally come to life.

Many might have found the trailer familiar, and that is because the film is based on Maurice Sendak’s children book of the same name. Upon watching the trailer for the first time I was struck with a sense of nostalgia, and found myself looking for the ten sentence long book in stores.

The film attracts viewers of all generations. Both young and old filled the velvet padded seats. And I must admit, like many of the others in the theater, I was excited to see the pages turn into live audio scenes- and in the end, it turned out successful indeed.

Director Spike Jonze’s adaption of Where The Wild Things Are is without a doubt heartwarming and captivating. There are truly scenes throughout the movie that will spark a sense of freedom and wildness, and will broaden your mind and rewind it back to a gallery of childhood memories.

Moments of running and jumping playfulness through an imaginary land will leave the audience excited and with high lifted cheeks. The soundtrack alone is enough to make one feel like a young child, hoping to join in the fun depicted on the big screen.

And yet, through all of the creative and fantastic animation, there lies a certain level of depth within the film. The movie, without a doubt, will bring back a flash of memories from childhood- and in some way provides meaning to what we, as children, were once confused and angered about. The film not only touches on the sunny bright moments of being a kid, but also reaches deep within the experiences of natural misplacement and loneliness.

One of my favorite strengths of the movie is how it can embrace you without the mere use of dialogue and special effects, but rather on a deeper level. The film connects with you through sound and action, which provides a greater sense of comfort and a simple and child spirited mind.

The movie’s theme and meaning might fly over the heads of younger kids, but nonetheless, they seem to enjoy it. There are enough scenes that will keep the children excited throughout the film.

Where The Wild Things Are is truly a great experience. It will have you smiling and laughing, and possibly even a little teary eyed. It will take you on an adventure through your own childhood, and will make you explore the wildness in all of us, and even hint at the reasoning behind it. The beloved story of Max and his “Wild Things” gets a B+ in my book.