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Ileana Alvarez-Diaz

3-Day Startup Workshop Gets Students Started

Calling all who are filled with ideas and those who are curious about creating something new, something incredible is happening soon! University of New Haven has proudly been selected to host a 3 Day Startup Workshop from Nov. 6 through 8 at its Orange, Conn. campus.

Jonathan Spiegel and Austin Matthews
Jonathan Spiegel and Austin Matthews

The startup, founded in 2008 at the University of Texas at Austin, has helped students from dozens of colleges create their own startup companies. From M.I.T., Harvard, and Cornell, to across five continents, 79 startups have collectively raised $49 million in investments. This extreme, hands-on workshop teaches attendees entrepreneurial skills including experience in cross-disciplinary collaboration, brainstorming and ideation, group productivity, ad-hoc leadership, and decision making under severe time constraints.

Jonathan Spiegel ’17, brought the workshop to the University after being inspired by his experiences at Google Innovations this past year. With the help of Austin Matthews ’17, both of these mechanical engineers have devised a program that, as Spiegel says, “helps students develop an entrepreneurial mindset, which is important for any student within any of the four colleges here.”

Students will have the opportunity to learn the foundations of creating a startup and how to pitch ideas, as well as develop an understanding of how to engage with potential customers. Attendees will make teams and work together to deliver a strong pitch in front of panelists, UNH alumni, and facilitators. There is a boot camp one or two weeks prior to the workshop, during which participants will get to know everyone involved and will be given an overview of how the process is going to work.

“Think of it as Shark Tank,” Matthews said, “but they won’t be as negative as Mark Cuban.”

Matthews also urges those interested to not be discouraged if they don’t have any ideas, pointing out, “Just because you might not have something that could benefit somebody or society, you work with somebody and make it better. Everybody’s got his or her own unique insights.”

Prizes will be given out to all those who participate, not just the top ranking teams, in addition to everyone getting to walk away with a startup package filled with the next steps to building their own companies.

Spiegel also explained that the event does not span the full 72 hours; students won’t be that overworked. Food, drinks, and transportation will also be provided courtesy of UNH, and within their budget as well.

At about 4 p.m. on Friday, participants will begin their adventure through the world of entrepreneurship.

Don’t miss out on this incredible chance of a lifetime! All majors are welcomed, so students can apply even if they’re not familiar with the business world. All it takes is one idea – anything from a service, product, or app. Go for it, cultivate it, and bring it to life!