Legion Brings Religion and Thrills to Screen

Alex Gardner

Legion brings an interesting mix of mythology, action, and a hint of suspense to the silver screen in an apocalyptic spiritual thriller. Set in a remote desert in the southwest United States, a young woman named Charlie (played by Adrianne Palicki) is supposedly carrying the second coming of Christ after God has given up all hope in humanity. The Archangel Michael (Paul Bettany) however, still has hope and has come to earth to protect the child from the ensuing extermination. What follows is a series of trials in an attempt for those closest to Charlie to survive and give hope to humanity.

The various members of the group face their own personal battles throughout the duration of the film, providing something else to take the viewer away from the rampant “shoot ’em up” scenes. The side-stories, while not the most compelling or original, give the characters some depth and some personality beyond their will to live. The movie has its fair share of action sequences, although none of which are too spectacular, save for the fight between brothers Michael and Gabriel.

Legion spends a lot of time emphasizing the fact that, even when it seems all hope is lost, there will be those who keep their faith and give reason for humanity to continue. The meat of the story revolves around Michael trying to defend his decision to go against God and restore the faith in humanity that God himself once had. The most fitting line to describe the movie comes in a cut-scene between Gabriel and Michael, where Michael explains his defiance by saying, “You’re giving him what he wants. I’m giving him what he needs.”

Overall, the movie has something appealing for fans of a number of genres. Those fans of apocalyptic story lines will be pleased with the way that the biblical references are tied into the story line. Fans of high-powered action movies will be thrilled with the amount of action scenes that make the cut and keep them entertained. If you are looking for suspense, a number of scenes will keep you on the edge of your seat while you wait for the next shock.

If you are considering a movie to see over the weekend, and are a fan of any genre of film, Legion is definitely a movie worth your watch.