Katerina Sperl

Inspired by bands like My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Boom, Landing’s genre of music would not generally be my cup of tea. However, their unique sounds have beyond won me over. After a six-year hiatus, they are back and cooler than ever with the release of their new mini album Wave Lair. The press release from These Are Not Records describes the album as containing “pulsating songs that kick around the band’s signature mix of hazy melodies, dreamy guitars and vapour-like synths, all augmented by the prominent use of drum machines and sequencers…” I could not agree more.

The five tracks on this mini album range from happy to haunting to tribal. They are just enough to keep you wanting more. Even though the title track is over 18 minutes long, it kept my interest with the great beats and cool melodies. Most of the tracks have quiet whispering voices that catch you in a trance and let you lose yourself. All together, the work is much like a movie soundtrack. The range of emotions portrayed is wide and builds suspense.

If I was impressed by the album, I was even more impressed by their music videos. The video for “Heart Finds the Beat” was a collection of images. Photos of the band members playing and various images of everyday things were blended together to make a short film. The video for “Finally” is a psychedelic adventure. This is much like the other video, but it adds an effect that gives it the elements of an old movie. There is no doubt that these draw you in.

Landing’s music has a different sound that grabs your attention and does not let you go. For further information, check out