‘Lady Lady’ Shows off Masego’s New Mature Sound

Masego isn’t your average rapper. With the release of his most recent album Lady Lady, the Virginia native gives fans a new album as smooth and sexy as silk. Masego’s album sticks out with his blend of jazz, house, and trap elements. Blending these sounds is no easy feat, but the 25-year-old has created the perfect melting pot of unique sounds.

It’s been two years since Masego released his seven-track EP, Pink Polo in collaboration with Medasin, the Dallas-based producer. With the release of Lady Lady, the potential displayed in Pink Polo is fully realized.

It has also been roughly two years since the release of Masego’s EP Loose Thought, “which- despite all the music he’s released- was a proper introduction to Masego’s full creative range,” according to Pitchfork.com.

Lady Lady is a beautiful meditation on strong women; a testament to those who have taught him hard lessons, those he’s loved and lost, and those he has not yet met.

The album opens with “Silk,” a beautiful instrumental meant to soothe and woo it’s listeners, preparing us for the ride ahead.  Then, into “I Had a Vision,” which shows listeners how Masego’s music has evolved, showing a more mature artist.

The debut single on the album, “Old Age,” featuring SiR, shows appreciation and honor to older, sophisticated women, with lyrics like, “I need me a sugar momma/ old lady/ foxy mama/ sophisticated/ Old age don’t mean nothing to me”.

Although the album is heavily influenced by Masego’s beautiful vocals and more soulful sound, we also don’t lose Masego’s rapping abilities in tracks such as “Shawty Fishin’” and “I Have a Vision”.

Masego draws inspiration for his track “24 hr. Relationship” from Outcast’s album, Speakerboxx/The Love Below track “Where are My Panties.” Lady Lady shows many similarities to The Love Below, an album committed to women and experimentation and exemplifies never picking one style of music to be your voice.

Overall, Lady Lady is a beautifully constructed album showing Masego’s blend of what he likes to refer to it as “TrapHouseJazz” and speaks highly of his talents as a multifaceted artist.