Kick Ass 2 Review

Scott Iwaniec

I enjoyed Kick Ass more than Superman…what? Not something I expected myself to be saying at the beginning of the summer but Kick Ass 2 is just that: kick-ass. The original Kick Ass from 2010 remains to be one of my favorite movies in the past three years, and I am pleased to say its sequel only expanded the legacy.

This movie is essentially every guys dream: beat people up, swear like a sailor, get laid, and watch the people you don’t like vomit explosively. This film made me laugh harder than any movie since the first hangover. The absurdity of teenagers running around at night just adds to the novelty, action and laughs that are sure to make you spill your popcorn. Despite the controversy of Jim Carrey refusing to promote the film due to pacifism, he still puts up a notable performance as Colonel Stars and Stripes. Aaron Taylor Johnson, who is also in Talks to Play Quicksilver in the Avengers: Age of Ultron, once again puts up a great performance as an awkward teenager. He specifically shines by giving an intense dramatic performance in a brief scene where he is revealed a heart-breaking truth.

But of course, Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl steals the show yet again. She continues to put on performances beyond her age. I honestly believe she can one day be one of the most talented (and beautiful) actresses in Hollywood. I may be a slight minority by preferring Kick Ass 2 to the original, however the general consensus of the fan base enjoys it, just not quit as much as the first. I do find weaknesses in the green screen, and a pacing that may be a little too quick.  I would recommend this film to anyone with a disturbing sense of humor who also appreciates a good fight scene.

I would say stay away from this flick if you can’t even sit through an episode of Family Guy or Southpark. I rank this film as a candidate for my favorite film of the summer.