Kesha Returns with New Album: Rainbow


Photo by AP

Lauren Cohen, Staff Writer

After several years, Kesha is back with new music. On Friday, August 11, the highly-anticipated album Rainbow was released. Fans got a sneak peek of her new sound when her single “Praying” came out.


“Praying” quickly hit every radio station and everyone was talking about Kesha’s comeback. There was a point where Kesha never thought she would get to release music again due to her lawsuit with Dr. Luke. Rainbow is her tell all, which brings listeners into her thoughts during her tough few years.


“This whole album, for me, really is a healing album,” Kesha explained in a recent interview.


The first track off Rainbow is “Bastards.” The song starts off with Kesha singing over a guitar melody. However, toward the bridge of the song it picks up and features the drums. At the end of the song, you can hear Kesha say, “Is that a good one? Should we go again?” Personally, I like how she added this because the song itself feels like I am in the studio with her. I like how this makes the listeners feel connected to her.


The third track “Woman,” features The Dap-Kings Horns.


“This song is about being a woman, a human, and proud of the confidence I have found. I finally feel like I have earned the right to say “I’m a motherf***ing woman,” Kesha stated in a recent interview with NPR.


The aforementioned single “Praying” is a must-listen. The lyrics suggest that this could have been written about everything that happened with Dr. Luke, former producer and label head.


“I feel like it shows my voice in a way that it has never been showcased before in my entire life,” Kesha stated about “Praying” in a recent interview.


One of the reasons the whole world was talking about “Praying” was the chilling high notes she hits. If you only know Kesha from “Tik Tok,” listening to this song will change your perspective on her artistry.

“Rainbow,” the title track, proves there is light at the end of the tunnel.


“‘Rainbow’ was the first song I wrote for this record. I was in rehab for my eating disorder,” Kesha stated in an interview.


Kesha collaborates with Eagles of Death Metal and Dolly Parton for three unique tracks.

“Let ‘Em Talk” is a rock song featuring Eagles Of Death Metal. The songs lyrics suggest it is about not letting haters get to you. In a recent interview, Kesha stated this is her favorite track off the album. “Boogie Feet,” also featuring Eagles Of Death Metal, is another rock track that will make any listener want to dance.


“Old Flames (Can’t Hold A Candle To You) feat. Dolly Parton” was actually written by Pebe Sebert (Kesha’s mom) for Dolly Parton, but was recorded by Kesha for her album Deconstructed. The song became a big hit for Dolly. The song sounds different on Rainbow than it does on Deconstructed, fans can see nods to her old music as well as her country roots.


“I just love the song— it’s in our family, and it has always been a dream to record it with Dolly Parton,” Kesha said in an interview. This version of the song is the ultimate collaboration.


“There was a very long moment, where I never knew if I was going to get to put out music again, ever. So if you are reading this that means we made it,” is the very first thing you will read when you open up the album booklet.


Rainbow is on its way to the top of the Billboard charts. This album showcases who Kesha has always been with raw vocals and inspiration from her Nashville roots.. Each song shows her ups and downs. And when you listen from start to finish, you get to go on this amazing journey with Kesha.