Kelsea Ballerini’s “Unapologetically” and Blake Shelton’s “Texoma Shore” Shake Up Country


Caitlin Carney, Associate Editor for Videography

On Nov. 3, country artist Kelsea Ballerini released her second studio album, Unapologetically.

The album has 12 tracks, including four singles, “Legends,” which was released on June 7, “Unapologetically,” which was released on Aug. 11, “High School,” which was released on Sept. 22, and “Miss Me More,” which was released on Oct. 20. All four of these tracks cover different aspects of life.

“Legends” reflects on a past relationship and how it made Ballerini and her significant other feel like legends. The song delves into the feeling of being invincible with the right person by your side, and the idea of doing things simply to do them, not to get anything out of it.

“Unapologetically” explains what it’s like when you love someone but nobody understands why. Ballerini says that she is “unapologetically in love” with this person though everyone around her doesn’t understand their relationship.

“High School” depicts a guy who peaked in high school. The guy spends a lot of his time chasing high school dreams instead of focusing on his adult life.

Finally, “Miss Me More” is about breaking off a toxic relationship and finding oneself again. Ballerini explains all of the ways her former significant other tried to change her and how now that their relationship has ended, she is rediscovering her former self. The main point of this song is that instead of missing one’s ex significant other, they realize that they miss who they were before this toxic person entered their life.

Also on Nov. 3, country artist Blake Shelton released his 11th studio album, Texoma Shore.

The album has 11 tracks, including the single, “I’ll Name the Dogs.” The track explores the feeling of knowing someone is the one and wanting to spend the rest of their life with them. The track explains the things each partner will be responsible for in the marriage such as, “You find the spot, I’ll find the money.” This song does not fit with Shelton’s usual flirty nature in his lyrics, but is a welcomed change.

Texoma Shore is an album full of carefree songs which match Shelton’s southern charm. The album’s title refers to a lake on the border of Texas and Oklahoma called Lake Texoma.

Both of these albums discuss important aspects of life such as true love, finding oneself, and living in the now as opposed to in the past. Anyone who is into country music or wants to start listening to country music would definitely enjoy both of these albums.