Kelly Clarkson’s World Tour

Shannon Livewell

Buying music has become a thing of the past. Today the only reason someone buys a CD is if they truly love an artist or can’t find the album anywhere for free. Due to this boom in pirating music, artists today are forced to constantly tour in order to bring in personal revenue from their music.

American Idol’s season one winner, Kelly Clarkson is onto her fifth album and bringing the sound “back to basics.” Her songs for the album were recorded without any auto tune or extra filler.

“The fact that Clarkson recorded her latest album, Stronger, without any auto tune should make for a pretty amazing concert that stays true to the sound on the tracks,” said Idol judge, Randy Jackson, in a recent E! News interview.

Clarkson’s tour, however, will not only tour around the United States but also North America. Many say that Clarkson is expanding her tour due to the fact that album sales in North America have been extremely high because fans there actually purchase the music.

Matt Nathanson will join Clarkson on tour, and the tour will start off here in Connecticut in January. When her record company released news of the tour last Monday, newspapers and magazines across the globe began to spread the word.

Stronger debuted at number-two on the Billboard Top 200 and the digital albums charts, and the first single, “Mr. Know It All,” made it to fourth on the iTunes Singles chart, marking Clarkson’s ninth top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

Clarkson has come a long way since winning Idol at the age of 20. She now is an esteemed singer, Grammy award winner, and original artist. Her tour is expected to bring in three times the revenue as her last, and therefore put her within the top twenty artists of all time to make more money from their world tour then their album sales.

The tour should be amazing and definitely one to see. If you can’t make it, however, try going out and buying an album. It couldn’t hurt and who knows, you may just help to save the music industry.