Kappa Gamma Rho hosts Say What?! Karaoke

Karina Krul

On Thursday October 15 Kappa Gamma Rho hosted Say What?! Karaoke in the German Club. This event started back in 1997 when the fraternity was established and the founders watched a show titled Say What?! Karaoke on MTV. “Our founders must have loved the show because they began the event back then and we have carried it on ever since,” says President of Kappa Gamma Rho Connor D’Alfonso. This year they continued the now 18 year tradition with a night of songs and laughs.

The night began at 8 p.m. with over 150 students packed into the German Club to watch their close friends and fellow students own the stage. There were 15 participants and the song choice ran the gamut from ‘Buy me a Boat’ to the Ignition Remix. Even though a vast genre of music was represented, the theme of the night was 90s hip hop. The contestants who made it to round two were given pre-picked songs fitting the theme to perform for the crowd and many rose to the occasion and even came dressed up according to the theme. It was when these performers took the stage that the night started to get interesting.

“The event had a slow start, but once our singers showed up that were in theme the event started to get more fun for both the singers and the crowd,” says Connor. Once participants began getting into the music the night was transformed and the audience was not the only group that enjoyed the lively atmosphere. John Houllahan, who performed ‘Buy me a Boat’ by Chris Jansen, said “singing in front of the crowd was a good time there and extremely fun.” By the end of the night people were on their feet dancing and having too good a time to want to leave.

Say What?! Karaoke has become so popular that next semester it will be moving to Bucknell Theater for the first time in almost 20 years to accommodate the growing number of people who want to take part in the event. Kappa Gamma Rho is also hosting another upcoming big event called Gobble Til’ You Wobble. That will take place on November 7 from 11a.m. to 3 p.m. in the quad following the Turkey Trot. Come out and join Kappa Gamma Rho for fun laughs all day.