John Carter

Samantha Shinn

John Carter is a movie about a Civil War veteran being magically teleported from his search for gold to a whole other planet: Mars! He encounters the natives and, after saving them from an aerial attack from their enemy, he becomes their hero and finds another mission waiting for him: rescue the princess of Mars from her terrible fate.

This movie was directed by Andrew Stanton and produced by Disney; it was released March 9, 2012 and has earned a rating of PG-13 for violent battle sequences. The main characters of John Carter, Dejah Thoris the princess, and Matai Shang are played by Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, and Mark Strong. John Carter is a war vet who always needs a cause to fight. After he encounters the natives and the barbaric way of life they live, he plans to be their champion. Dejah Thoris is the head of the Academy of Research as well as the princess of the capital city, Helium. She is fighting with John Carter to escape the fate that her father has sentenced her to-marriage to Matai Shang. He is the villain who is terrorizing the natives of Mars with his forces and special weapon of life or destruction.

With Mars being violently under attack for centuries, John Carter finds himself the protector of the natives who are being violently executed or enslaved by Matai Shang, who possesses a weapon that harnesses special power that no one can understand. Together, John Carter and Dejah work together to rid Mars of this violent tyrant under the guise of a wedding.

The most memorable part of this movie was when John Carter first encountered the natives and explained to them who he was and where he was from. Due to the language barrier, they didn’t understand what he meant by “My name is John Carter; I am from Virginia.” So they started calling him Virginia throughout the entire movie.

Though this movie was a very interesting movie, it did get confusing in parts where there was too much information to take in and not enough time to process it before the viewers were hit with more. If the director had taken out a few elements, then this movie would be absolutely amazing. However, the ending was a HUGE twist that threw the audience. I recommend this movie to teens and young adults mostly who like action and adventure films.