Jill Jensen: Stages

Elyse Von Der Fecht

Jill Jensen is a guitarist, pianist, saxophonist, violinist and bassist. She also plays the ukulele and drums. Jensen is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Massachusetts. She has been singing since the age of two and writing and composing her own music since the age of eight.

Jill Jensen (Photo obtained via Facebook)
Jill Jensen (Photo obtained via Facebook)

Since then, she released two albums, including her original songs. She has written and composed well over 100 different songs, which is incredible. She appeared on the X-Factor Season two in 2012, as well as American Idol XIII in 2014.

On July 8, she released her first single “In Your Arms,” and it’s a bonus track off her album Stages, which was released on September 15. This is what I thought of her heart-felt songs.

I’m Movin’ On”: As I listened to this song, I enjoyed her vocals as she sang her heart out and you could feel her passion and intensity.

Breakin’ You”: In this song having backup vocals for the harmonies was a great jester to the song. As well as the little giggle in between her lyrics, I thought it was a nice touch.

I Deserve Better”: Jill’s voice in this song is steady throughout the whole song and she can hit those notes perfectly. I can feel her pain as she sings this song and she knows how to really connect with her fans through her songs. It’s very touching to hear.

Who I Wanna Be”: To me this might be my favorite off her album, because it’s different from the other songs on the album. When I listened to it something about her lyrics hooked me and I couldn’t help but put the song on repeat.

Lullaby”: Her lyrics for the song accompanied by the rhythm and melody, which flows together perfectly and gives the song that extra push.

He’s No You”: Listening to this song, made me think how many people can relate to her message as saying that the person you look at is nothing compared to your significant other.

Morning Thoughts”: I believe when you listen to this song it gives you a different perspective on the way others may think. It makes you wonder if you do the same as you wake up in the morning.

Let Love Start”: This song took my mind deep into the song listening to the lyrics of what she was singing, and the message was remembering.

Sit Back, Watch & Criticize”: In this song, you can really hear her raspy voice which made the song stand out with her unique style. Having that tone as she sings makes her different because not everyone sounds like that when they sing.

The Plan”: I think ending the album with this song was genius because it leaves the listeners with her passionate vocals. She also adds her own twist to the song and really holds out some of those notes.

Jill Jensen knows how to get the crowd ready for a show; don’t miss out on a chance to see her live.