Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams Star in “Game Night”


Iyana Jones, Staff Writer

If you are a fan of good humor and staying on your toes, Game Night is the movie for you. Starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams, the film follows Max (Bateman) and Annie (McAdams) on their regular game night with other couples until Max’s older and seemingly in all ways better brother, Brooks, arrives.

Brooks offers the group a chance to have a special game night, a murder mystery, but the game turns when Brooks is actually kidnapped and the game turns into real life. The couples rush to save Brooks, on the way encountering bar fights, bullet wounds, and other bizarre circumstances.

The movie’s trailer for the film is misleading in the type of humor it uses. The trailer uses most of the laugh out loud scenes, convincing viewers that that is what they can expect to see. In reality, the film is full of dry humor and sarcasm, much like many game nights actually are. In a sense, even the humor lives up to real life game night expectation. It is funny, but it gets more chuckles than it does howls and requires a bit of wit to understand.

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The surprising standout of the movie was Rachel McAdams as Annie. Annie, unlike many wives in movies, is more than just her husband’s sidekick. She is possessed by her own independence and frequently outshines her husband with her big personality and forward thinking. She, in most situations, leads the group forward and throws down as much, if not more, than any of the men. She serves her own purpose to the film other than propping Max up. McAdams delivers her as fresh, intelligent, and fierce, much like the women of today. Annie is a rare defiance to the trope of lackluster accessories to their male counterparts.

This movie comes together like a giant game night for its viewers. Not only are they watching the game, they are participating in trying to figure out where it ends. With all of it’s plot twists the game seems to end and then start all over again. It’s like they are playing along too, which is the best aspect of this movie.

Game Night proves to be a true adventure to its audiences and opened in theaters Feb. 23.