Jake’s Wayback Burgers Now Accepts Charger Cash

Samantha Mathewson

Jake’s Wayback Burgers franchise located along Boston Post Road in Orange, Conn., is now accepting charger cash.

Jake’s Wayback Burgers on the Boston Post Road now accepts Charger Cash.

The classy, but upscale burger joint decided to accept charger cash last week, and so far it has been a success for the students that have taken advantage of the convenience of swiping their ID instead of using cash.

Aaron, the district manager at Jake’s Wayback Burgers, said that they agreed to accept charger cash over the summer, but it took awhile to get it started. Aaron explained that since his brother, another manager at Jake’s Wayback Burgers, is an alumni of The University of New Haven, several of his employees attend UNH.

Since they are located so close to the school and they try to do a lot with the school, it made sense to accept charger cash. “I want to be available to the community,” said Aaron.

Aaron describes the restaurant as an “upscale dining experience, with friendly service.” The restaurant is a blast from the past, as it takes you back to the traditional diner atmosphere. People give their orders at the counter, and sit down and wait for it to be delivered. It has a great atmosphere and perfectly dated décor.

They have the best burgers under the bun. “I would put our burgers up against anyone else’s in the state,” said Aaron, and I would have to agree. I ate there with my dad one time he came to visit, and it was delicious. I had the junior burger, which only had one beef patty, with just ketchup. But what really put the meal over the edge was a thick, delicious, chocolate milkshake. Aaron explained that they use more ice cream than milk in their shakes to make them that much thicker. My dad had the menu special, Jake’s burger, which had two beef patties, and complimented his meal with a shake also.

The burger and shake of the month is the slider and the caramel apple shake, respectively. However, their menu has more than just burgers. It has chicken, fries, hotdogs and various sandwiches. Whether you are in the mood for a larger meal or a quick snack, you can find anything tasty on their menu.

Jake’s Wayback Burgers also has the convenience of ordering online, and they have many other locations in Connecticut, and one location in New York.