Jake Miller: Us Against Them

Elyse Von Der Fecht

Jake Miller is a 20-year-old rapper/singer and songwriter from Florida. He taught himself how to play the drums and guitar at a young age. In March of 2011, Miller had his first live performance as he opened for Snoop Dogg. After this performance he then opened for rapper Mac Miller. He also won the Samsung & T-Mobile national “Kick it with the Band” competition, designed to highlight some of the best music talent on the verge of stardom across the country. As the grand prizewinner, Miller was awarded $35,000.00 for use towards his music career and a music video with YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill. On July 29, 2012 he released his first EP Spotlight. On Jan. 16, 2013, he officially signed with Entertainment One Music. He then released another EP, The Road Less Traveled, on April 9, 2013. His first album, Us Against Them, was recently released on Nov. 5.

Photo Obtained Via Facebook
Photo Obtained Via Facebook

“Collide:” The beginning of this song is very catchy with the piano followed by the lyrics. Towards the middle of the song starts the rapping which fits well with the organization of the song.

“Hollywood:” The start of the song jumps right in with the lyrics then comes in another voice that accompanies Miller’s lyrics.

“Me and You:” First the piano starts off the song with a melody then comes in a variation of sounds following Miller’s lyrics. This song is really catchy and pulled me in from the beginning to the end of the song.

“High Life (Feat. Jeremy Thurber):” It starts off with a female’s voice saying words then goes right into the music of Miller’s vocals.

“My Couch:” This song is also catchy with the melody and lyrics of the song. This is the kind of song you can dance and jump around to and have a good time.

“Homeless:” This song is a lot slower than the other tracks on the album. This song has an instrumental part at the beginning of the song, which is really pretty and fits well with the lyrics.

“Carry On:” As I listened to the beginning of this song, it had someone talk as if you were on an airplane. It was interesting but neat and worked well because the song is called “Carry On.”

“Heaven:” In the start of the song, it starts right off with lyrics then follows by rapping. This song is interesting as I listened to the lyrics of the song, and it’s clever and catchy.

“A Million Lives:” Wow! This song is really touching. It’s a more serious kind of song but it still has a great message to it. I liked the end of the song how it had Miller just say, “you saved my life.”

“Puppet:” It starts off with the piano then goes in with the lyrics of the song. The lyrics of the song have a meaning to the words of what he is saying about how he needs to go on tour all the time while leaving someone he truly cares about at home.

“Number One Rule:” It jumps right into the lyrics. As you listen to the lyrics they are passionate about what his career means to him. This is a creative song, and I think he did an awesome job with the lyrics fitting with the melody of the song.

Keep an eye out for this talented rapper/singer and songwriter who is on tour right now on, The Us Against Them Tour, with Action Item, and special guest Air Dubai. You don’t want to miss out on this tour.