It’s On Us Holds Up a Clothesline of Support


The It’s On Us National Week of Action took place the week of April 2. It’s On Us is a campaign to address and end sexual assault and domestic violence on college campuses. The campaign was started in 2014, and there is a Week of Action each semester to raise awareness. The week is in April because the entire month is Sexual Assault Awareness month, an annual campaign to raise awareness and educate people on how to prevent sexual violence.

“Sexual Assault Awareness month is a good time to get engaged and involved in issues of sexual violence and find our role in it as a community,” said Ashley Dunn, Assistant Director of Student Life Programs, Title IX/VAWA Compliance.

The week kicked off with the It’s On Us Panel last Thursday and ended with the University Clothesline Project. The University’s Clothesline Project displayed pledges, spread supportive message and was a way to continue to create more conversation. Students were able to write and design their messages on plain white t-shirts, which were then hung up along the front of the BSAC patio.

“The clothesline project is made for two things. One, is to show survivors of sexual assault or domestic violence that they do not stand alone on this campus. Two, is to promote a culture in which domestic violence is not tolerated. It’s on us as a university to create more events like these that show that the campus cares about a growing problem in our country,” said Nicholas Mroczka, Wellness Peer Educator.

After students made and hung up a t-shirt, they were given the University of New Haven It’s On Us pledge to sign. It is slightly different from the original It’s On Us pledge, in order to make it more personal to the campus and community.

“It is important that we have an inclusive pledge and expand on what it is standing for,” said Kalee Smith, Supervisor of Wellness Peer Educators.

Signing the pledge shows how, as campus community members, they will recognize impact of sexual violence, create an environment in which all forms of sexual violence are unacceptable, identify situations in which sexual assault may occur, intervene in situations in which someone could be harmed, exercise personal responsibility by always obtaining consent, and demonstrate respect and honor by supporting and caring for fellow Chargers.

“It’s On Us has become an important part of my college experience because no matter where you are or where you go to college, the issue of sexual violence is everywhere, whether you know it or not. Being a part of It’s On Us is something I want our campus to get involved in and be aware of the survivors around them,” said Sam Moul, USGA President.