‘IT’ Is Not Scary at All


The famous Stephen King classic mini-series IT, which was first released in 1990, resurfaces 27 years later in film. The movie tells the story of kids who live in a town where children go missing because of an evil clown named Pennywise who eats them in the sewer. The kids in the movie, who are referred to as the “Losers Club,” come together to fight the evil clown and put an end to the ancient evil that haunts their town.

Pennywise the dancing clown resurfaces in the town of Derry every 27 years to hunt for new victims. The clown feeds off the fears of the young children in the movie, making it easier to prey on them. A large crowd packed the theater for the showing of the 2017 version of this classic movie, anticipating fear and hiding under t-shirts; however, this is not what the film delivered. The theater was full of laughter and clapping. The IT movie was nothing more than comedy, and although some may have been frightened at first, towards the end, the movie had everyone laughing.

Expectations for the movie were high. Whitney Shipp, 22, of Bridgeport, Conn. thought the movie was not scary at all.

“I fear clowns, so coming to see this movie was hard because I thought I would be scared, but, I paid to see comedy,” Schipp said.

Mixed reviews of the movie did not affect how the movie performed at the box office. IT broke box office records with an earning of over 123 million in its first weekend of being release. Tavon Sharp, 22, of Hamden, Conn. said the movie was not what he expected.

“I’ve seen the first IT which was pretty scary to me, but this time it was funny, it had its parts that creeped you out but I wasn’t scared at all,” Sharp said.

The movie ends by insinuating that there is going to be a sequel with “Chapter One” across the screen. As the audience received humor through the first one, they clapped when the screen read that. The sequel will be about the “Losers Club” coming together once again 27 years later as adults to put an end to the killing clown.

Matt Greer, 18, of West Haven, Conn. said that he enjoyed the movie although he has not seen the first release.

“It was funny. It wasn’t really like a scary movie that much, some scenes just made you jump,” Greer said.

Both versions of the movie differ – the 1990 version entails more fear and scares the audience more while the 2017 version has more humor to it with a new cast and slightly different dialogue. If there is a sequel being made, people should expect humor along with horror.