Iranians Protest British Embassy in Tehran

Liz De La Torre

“Death to England!” was the chant that filled the streets in downtown Tehran on Nov. 29 when the British Embassy suffered a major attack. As part of a protest stemming from anger over relations with Iran, the resistance came full throttle as 300 protesters from universities and seminaries tore down the British flag, burned embassy vehicles, threw bombs and stones, vandalized the office building, took staff hostages, and damaged furniture.

With Britain levying economic sanctions on Iran, Iran countered by cutting off diplomatic ties, therefore leaving the opposition to ensue. In light of the events that culminated last Tuesday, staff at the British Embassy has been evacuated as a firsthand priority, and the Iranian Embassy in London has been ordered to close and move diplomats to “ensur[e] the safety of staff and their families” as per request by the Foreign Office.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said that Iran will be met with “serious consequences” because of its “unacceptable failure” in fulfilling its responsibility to protect foreign embassies. On the other hand, the Iranian government has expressed dismay regarding the behavior of the protesters, some feel the action is justified as the “wrath resulted from several decades of domination seeking behavior of Britain.” At present, Tehran citizens are being told to maintain a low profile due to any backlash that may come from upset British civilians.