Interviewing Caspian: Part Dos

Here comes Caspian again, blowing every mind wherever they go. This band never fails to leave me mesmerized, astounded and wanting more. Seeing them perform for the first time last semester, I was left speechless; seeing them again left me in tears. They are beyond good and beyond talented.

I had the opportunity to interview Philip Jamieson from Caspian again. The band has just finished touring—visiting London, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and other regions.

Phil commented that they are probably going to go back on tour in the summer, but “…not sure with whom.” As he said, they are looking to do “some kind of support thing.”

Moreover, I know many will be excited to hear that they are in the early stages of writing a new record.

When asked about the show (with The Appleseed Cast), Phil gushed that band was so excited to be there. He said, “[The Appleseed Cast is] the reason why we started—back in 2004. They had a massive effect on us. We’re good friends with the Promoter, Mark, and he gave us the opportunity. We definitely wanted to be a part of it.”

Since my last talk with him was about four/five months ago, I asked if he thought their music had evolved since then. “Songs evolve,” Phil responded. “You’re always exploring new things and like accidents—sort of present themselves—that you run with. The songs—there’s always life in the songs; always breathing new life. The structures are all the same, but I think some of our pedal approaches are different…sonic textures are different sometimes.”

Phil also offered some advice for those looking to make it in the music industry. “It’s always like three things: hard work, patience and luck. You really have to genuinely, like sincerely, believe in what you’re doing. If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, you’ll find out pretty quickly. You have to do a lot of sacrificing—you have to take a lot of financial sacrifices, relationships…” he said.

On their creative process of music, Phil restates that the tour was their main focus these past few months. “We haven’t been writing consciously together. We’ve just been touring—in terms of generating ideas, coming up with plans—things are still popping—ideas are still coming,” he said.

Their performance took the whole room on a cathartic ride to Neverland—feeling free without worry. Phil mentioned before that “Sycamore,” one of their popular pieces, was on list. “It wouldn’t be a Caspian show without [it],” he said. He was absolutely right.

It’s not easy—everyone knows that; but like Phil said, you have to believe in what you’re doing. So don’t ever think about giving up. Go check out Caspian’s newest album, Waking Season; it is unbelievable, and will not leave you disappointed.