International Student Talent Show


Christina Genovese

A showcase full of different cultures and talents was presented by the International

Student Association during their talent show. The event offered entertainment, free

food, and drinks.

Hosted on November 17 at 8:00 p.m. in the Student Dining Hall, there were discussions

about culture, life, food, and language of other countries like Morocco. There was also a

magic performance and songs performed.

Rumong Yobech, treasurer of the International Students Association, sang Thinking Out

Loud, by Ed Sheeran, while playing the guitar.

Yobech said, “I am passionate about culture sharing, and getting International students

to come together. There might be differences in our cultures but at the end of the day

there’s always something that brings us together.”

Magic was performed by Neil Lucas Balanon. He took away someone’s ability to read,

made playing cards teleport from people’s socks, and had playing cards appear out of

thin air.

Balanon said, “Performing tonight was great because it took my stress away and let me

focus on what I love.”

The International Student Talent Show was part of International Education Week,

which was in collaboration with the Study Abroad Office and the International Services


The activities I.S.A. hosted throughout the week included, a Spoken Word Poet, Bubble

Tea Fundraiser, International Dance Class, and Diwali the Indian festival of lights.

I.S.A.’s put on this event because not many organizations do talent shows often, and

they wanted to provide a space for people to show their talents and cultures in any way

they wanted.

I.S.A. meets Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. in the Moulton Lounge. They do different

activities highlighting various cultures. You do not have be an international student to

join the organization, all are welcomed to go and be a part of the sharing the culture and

the different backgrounds we all have.