Independent Greek Council Recruits

Caitlin Carney

Last Sunday (September 11)  kicked off recruitment week for the Independent Greek Councils on campus. Kappa Kappa Psi, Alpha Sigma Kappa (ASK), and Alpha Phi Omega (APO) all held recruitment to draw in the interest of potential new members.

From 12 p.m. to 3p.m. last Sunday, the Independent Greek Council held a barbecue on the Bixler/Botwinik quad. This barbecue allowed prospective members to get a feel for the options open to them to decide which organization to join.

Alpha Phi Omega, a service based fraternity, was excited to hold yet another recruitment to share their values with potential members.

APO felt as though, “the week went well. It seemed very organized [to them] and [felt as if] everyone knew what was going on.”

They held a ‘meet the brothers’ type meeting on Monday (September 12), and on Tuesday (September 13), APO held a formal informational meeting, which many current members felt as though “was the most fun night.”

APO said, “We played an interactive game [on Tuesday] that got many perspective members and current members to engage with each other.”

They felt as though “it was a great way to mingle and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.”

Wednesday (September 14) was family day and Thursday (September 15) was service night, and lastly, some lucky few were invited to return on Friday (September 16) for an invite only event.

APO is thrilled to be have the chance, “to explore a new type of class size, and [they] are eager to see them learn and grow as the amazing individuals they are.”

Another Greek organization holding events this past week was Alpha Sigma Kappa. On

Monday, they held ice breaker games in the Alumni Lounge to help their prospective members get to know the current members a little better. On Tuesday, they played speed dating scrabble, and on Wednesday they did twister tie dye. Finally, on Thursday, they met at the German Club to play games and have fun, all of this took place in the dark, which added to the level of fun.

Kappa Kappa Psi is a newer Greek organization on campus. This semester was their first semester of recruiting which drew in a lot of interested members.

Meredith Narowski said, “I want to be able to give back as much as I can,” when asked about joining Greek life.

Like all Greek organizations during a recruitment, Kappa Kappa Psi held several events this week. Kappa Kappa Psi started off with a game night which included playing rock band and apples to apples. This made Monday night was very popular among current members and prospective members alike.

Current member, Ryan Heller, said, “Seeing the potential candidates have so much fun with the current brothers helped me realize the night was a success.”

Another Current member, Shawn Lewis, said that he really enjoyed “everyone gathering together to scream ‘Living on a Prayer.’”

On Tuesday, the group met on Kayo Field and played various games of tag, as well as Frisbee. On Wednesday, recruits got to play music bingo, as well as perform karaoke. Thursday the group participated in speed dating type interviews where the recruits met with current members for five  minutes each. Finally, on Friday, those who were offered bids attended a bid presentation in formalwear.

Current members of Kappa Kappa Psi are very excited to welcome their new members.

Lewis said, “I am pumped to welcome the new brothers in. Every prospective member has a unique personality, which together will be a great addition to our fraternity.”

Heller said, “[I am] beyond excited to welcome these new members into the fraternity. Seeing the brother hood grow” has been “truly inspiring” to him.

Heller said he “can’t wait to see what the new members bring to better the fraternity.”

All of these fraternities seem to have had an immensely successful week, and the future is very bright for all three of them. If you didn’t get a chance to try for a bid for one of these awesome groups, make sure to come out for spring recruitment and you could enjoy some of these exciting events as well.