In a World Where Only the Truth Exists Comes the Big Screen

Carole McFaddan

New from director and actor Ricky Gervais, the award-winning creator and star of the original BBC series The Office and HBO’s Extras, comes the new romantic comedy The Invention of Lying. Staring Ricky Gervais, Jennifer Garner, Jonah Hill comedian Louis C.K., Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development), Rob Lowe (Brothers and Sisters), and Tina Fey (30 Rock).

The Invention of Lying, also known as This Side of the Truth, takes place in an alternate reality in which lying (even the concept of a lie) does not exist. Everyone, even politicians and advertisers, speaks the truth with no thought of the consequences. But when a down-on-his-luck loser named Mark (Gervais) suddenly develops the ability to lie, he finds that dishonesty has its rewards.

In this world where every word is assumed the absolute truth because it always has been before, Mark has easily learned to lie his way to fame and fortune. But as in our world, Mark learns that lies have a way of spreading and begins to realize that things are getting out of control. When some of his biggest lies are being taken as gospel and the entire world is hanging on his every word, he discovers there is only one thing he has not been able to lie his way into: the heart of the woman he loves.

This romantic comedy revolves around a world that is all too true and awkward, and the movie seems to move seamlessly along by the strings of Gervais’ wit.  Expecting more of an uproar or laughter as if it were The Office or another one of his romantic comedies, such as Ghost Town, recent reviews have kept its rating at or above satisfactory in the opening two days.