If you liked “Twilight,” consider sinking your teeth into “Crave”

Fans of the “Twilight” series, your next obsession has arrived. “Crave” by Tracy Wolff is a paranormal, fantasy fiction novel that follows the perspective of 17-year-old Grace, whose life turns upside down when her parents are killed. Afterward, Grace is shipped off to the bitter cold of Alaska to attend the Katmere Academy Boarding School, where her uncle is the headmaster and her cousin is a student There, Grace realizes that the mystery of how her parents were killed and adjusting (or not) to the cold are not the only things that she has to worry about.

Whispers and side glances from students at a new school are normal, especially since the headmaster’s niece from California has arrived, but something about Katmere Academy seems off to Grace, and she knows that her uncle and cousin are withholding information. In all honesty, the fact that Katmere Academy is an actual castle with a gothic design and has gargoyle statues that rest outside must be a little unsettling to newcomers. However, the student body is not just divided into the usual cliques expected at a high school — there is more than a social status that keeps them divided. Over time, Grace’s suspicions are proven correct. Katmere Academy is not just any boarding school, it is a school specifically designed for students who are witches, dragons, and vampires.

As Grace battles with the truth about Katmere Academy, her connection to one particular vampire leaves her with more questions than answers. If there is one thing Grace is sure of, it is that her attraction to the intimidating, mysterious, and gorgeous vampire prince, Jaxon Vega, is growing. Jaxon Vega hasn’t felt anything for anyone for 100 years and he has put up walls to keep it that way. Yet, the only person who has stirred that cold vampire heart of his, is Grace, the girl who shines like the California sun.

If you are a “Twilight” fan, still desperately waiting for Stephenie Meyer to write the Renesmee and Jacob story (and you’re not alone), consider sinking your teeth into this new series. Anyone who is a fan of fantasy fiction and the supernatural will enjoy this captivating story that explores loss, love, betrayal, mystery, and discovery. This novel gets you hooked from the first page. Don’t fret though if you finish the book in a day (guilty), because this is a trilogy, and each book is better than the last.

The second book, Crush, is available to purchase on Amazon. The third book, Covet, is coming out on March 2nd of this year. Therefore, the time to take a bite of this series is not later, it’s now!