Ice Skating Away to Finals

Lindsay Lynch

How fitting is it that the day UNH planned an ice skating trip Jack Frost decides to send us some snow. I don’t know about everyone else but it just seemed to really put me in the holiday spirit. Saturday night two buses full of UNH students gathered together to go to West Haven High to ice skate. Among the group were many talented ice skaters; hockey players and some who could somewhat get around on skates.  It was a night full of lots of fun, lots of laughs and lots of falling down.

Despite the fact that the ice was not very smooth and our rental skates were not sharp I think it’s safe to say everyone had a great time. The trip lasted for about two hours which was perfect because it gave all of us amateurs some time to get used to the slippery ice and get comfortable so when the last hour came along everyone was skating with some confidence.  Personally I had a blast skating: the best, however, was when Charger Bulletin Editor-In-Chief Zack Rosen tagged along; he was rather funny to skate with, and when I say skate I mean skate along side of him while he holds onto the wall. I do applaud him for coming out and trying it (even if he needed help tying his skates). It doesn’t matter how well we all skated; it was just fun to be together with friends and enjoy the time we had on the ice.

Ice skating is so tricky, when watching others skate it looks so easy but then when you get out there all you do is either try your hardest not to fall or fall a lot. This trip was brought back a second time because it was so popular the first time. With the amount of people interested in ice-skating I think its safe to say that we may be seeing more skating trips in the future so keep those skates in hand. Thanks so much to the Office Of Student Activities for looking out for what kind of trips the students want to go on and bringing popular ones back!