“I Wage Peace Walk”

Ana Abraham

On Sunday, Sept. 23, Rotaract UNH sponsored a walk around campus followed by a gathering in the German Club to promote and understand the efforts for religious peace in the Middle East.

The “I Wage Peace Walk” was focused specifically at the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

The “I Wage Peace Walk” was focused specifically at the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the religions that have historically held interests in the city of Jerusalem, Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Signs marked the pathway of the walk around campus, all with quotes of various scripture and history. The history included religious history as well as histories of the ancient empires that saw the growth of the religions. Among the signs were also the fears of each religion specifically, and how to combat them peacefully.

The initiative of I WagePeace Inc. is to educate and raise awareness about the issues pertaining to the “cycle of violence” in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. UNH’s Rotaract Club became involved because of a similar belief.

A flier was distributed at the Walk, in which Rotaract UNH stated, “We believe…many conflicts and issues can be circumvented or corrected without violence.”

A local Rotary, or service, club must sponsor all Rotaract associations. Rotaract UNH is sponsored by the Rotary Club of West Haven. For further reading on the issues focused on by IWagePeace Inc, visit Iwagepeace.org or cfpeace.org.

The walk on campus was co-sponsored by the American Criminal Justice Association’s Psi Omega Chapter, the Caribbean Student Association, Lambda Psi Delta, and XE. WNHU provided music for the reception after the Walk, and The Falafel House of West Haven provided food for the crowd.